A common-sense leader, Mike Bishop is a member of the of the bipartisan “Problem Solvers Caucus,” where Mike regularly works across the aisle to craft common-sense solutions to our nation’s challenges.

Jobs and the Economy | Protecting the Great Lakes | Pipeline Safety | Curbing Opioids

Improving Education & Making College More Affordable | Defending Our Values | Protecting Our Kids

At Home in the District

Mike Bishop and his family have lived in the 8th district their whole lives. Mike is our neighbor who has served our community with honor and dignity. Mike Bishop enjoys serving the 8th District because it is his home where he has always lived. Mike Bishop has never bought a house in Washington because his home is here. While Mike REPRESENTS the people of the 8th District in Washington, HIS HOME is IN MICHIGAN and always will be IN MICHIGAN. Congressman Bishop lives to serve his neighbors, friends and family.

Jobs and the Economy

Congressman Mike Bishop understands that our families, job creators, and communities thrive when our economy is growing. That is why he is working hard to help encourage economic growth through lower taxes and less government over-regulation so that everyone has access to expanded opportunity, good jobs and rising wages. That commitment is why his colleagues called on Mike Bishop to help craft tax reform that allows families and small businesses to keep more of what they earn so that they can meet their needs and thrive in our growing economy.

Protecting Our Great Lakes

Mike Bishop understands that the Great Lakes are central to our identity as a state, vital for our continued prosperity, and a treasure that must be protected for future generations. That is why Mike has always been a champion for our Great Lakes. While some in the federal government from other states fought to reduce the commitment to protecting the Great Lakes, Congressman Bishop stood strong, fought for and secured $300 million per year for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative to make sure we can keep our Great Lakes clean and safe. When it comes to protecting our Great Lakes – Mike Bishop will never back down.

Pipeline Safety

Mike Bishop’s commitment to protect the Great Lakes extends to making certain critical underground infrastructure like our pipelines are secure. When it comes to pipeline safety, Congressman Mike Bishop is leading the way. Bishop is the author of legislation to replace out-of-date pipelines that endanger our environment because we must make every effort to protect against catastrophic spills in our lakes. Bishop believes that Congress has a duty to ensure our pipelines are safe and secure to promote efficient transportation of energy resources while putting the highest possible priority on protecting our environment.

Curbing Opioids

Opioid abuse has been ravaging families, disrupting our communities, and destroying lives for too long. That is why Mike Bishop has been one of the leading voices in Congress to work on finding bipartisan solutions to the opioid epidemic. His leadership helped lead to the passage of the Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Act. This expands education and prevention programs to protect our children, provides greater access to overdose reversal drugs to law enforcement and first responders, expand treatment programs for those already addicted, and provide states with greater tools to prevent further addiction. Mike Bishop believes this battle will be won with more caring and love.

Improving Education and Making College More Affordable

Mike Bishop believes every young American should have the ability to receive a quality education including access to college, technical or vocation training to prepare them for a successful career. He also believes that education is an inherently state and local responsibility and local districts and parents know best how to educate their children. This is why he has been working to give parents and local communities more control over their schools and curriculums without interference from the federal government. Bishop helped pass a law that makes college student loans more accessible for students most in need of financial aid.

Defending Our Values

As a strong conservative, Mike Bishop has always defended our values.  Mike Bishop grew up in this community and lived his whole life here.  He believes that defending our 2nd amendment and pro-life values are important.  Mike Bishop opposes sanctuary cities and believes in strong immigration enforcement.   Congressman Mike Bishop has always protected religious freedom.  Congressman Mike Bishop grew up in this community and cares deeply about it.

Protecting Our Kids

Mike Bishop believes our children are our greatest treasure and we have a duty to keep them safe. That is why Mike authored The Child Protection Improvements Act of 2017 which is bi-partisan legislation that gives youth serving organizations like little leagues, dance groups, and any organization that serves children has access to the FBI background check system so that our children can be protected from predators. It is also why Mike Bishop has been a leading voice demanding accountability for those responsible for the heinous crimes of Larry Nassar at Michigan State University and making certain that Nassar’s victims receive justice while also protecting student athletes and our kids from future assaults. Protecting our children has been the top priority for Mike Bishop throughout his time in public service, and he will never back down when it comes to keeping our kids safe.

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