Bishop Wins First Debate on WDIV’s Flashpoint, Elissa Slotkin Continues to Mislead

//Bishop Wins First Debate on WDIV’s Flashpoint, Elissa Slotkin Continues to Mislead

Bishop Wins First Debate on WDIV’s Flashpoint, Elissa Slotkin Continues to Mislead

Elissa Slotkin Claims Mike Bishop Voted Against Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions

Under the American Health Care Act (AHCA), insurance companies cannot deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions – yet Elissa Slotkin continues to lie about Mike Bishop’s record. The AHCA states:

 Sec. 137 of H.R. 1628 

“Nothing in this Act shall be construed as permitting health insurance issuers to limit access to health coverage for individuals with preexisting conditions.”

Under the bill, health status cannot affect premiums, unless a state asks for and receives a waiver—a condition of which is the state having other protections in place for those with pre-existing conditions. To obtain a waiver, states would have to establish programs to serve people with pre-existing conditions. No matter what, insurance companies cannot deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions.

Further, Mike Bishop is an original cosponsor of H.R. 1121, the Pre-existing Conditions Protection Act. This bill does exactly what the title says: it would reaffirm guaranteed health care access, ensure that enrollees cannot have benefits excluded from a plan due to a pre-existing condition, and ensure that patients will not pay more based on their health care status.

Elissa Slotkin Claims She Doesn’t Support Nancy Pelosi

Elissa Slotkin is bought and paid for by Nany Pelosi, but Slotkin refuses to tell the truth about their relationship. Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and House Majority PAC have spent a combined $3,223,043 in television ads in the 8th district so far and plan on spending more.

As reported in the Detroit News, “Stu Sandler, a spokesperson for the Bishop campaign pointed to online photos from late August that show Slotkin at the same California fundraiser as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.”

Slotkin fundraised with Pelosi in California to pay for these ads and Pelosi has funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars from Washington DC, New York and California to Elissa Slotkin.

Elissa Slotkin Claims She Will Represent Everyone 

Elissa Slotkin parachuted into Michigan, without ever having voted or owning property in our community. Recently Slotkin urged her supporters to intimidate and boycott businesses based solely on their politics. Unlike Elissa Slotkin, Mike Bishop owned a small-business in his community, and understands the need to support the hardworking families that fight for the survival of their businesses each and every day.

“At a public meet-and-greet last week in Rochester, 8th Congressional Democratic candidate Elissa Slotkin suggested that her supporters boycott local businesses that have signs up for Republican incumbent Mike Bishop.” Editor’s Note: Slotkin’s shaming defies civility pledge

Michigan Democrat Candidate for Congress Calls for Boycotting Businesses that do not Support Her 

Elissa Slotkin Claims She Will Protect the Great Lakes

Elissa Slotkin was against shutting down Line 5, before she was for it. According to the Lansing City Pulse,  Slotkin said, “Line 5 should be shut down.” In this video, Elissa Slotkin expressed her opposition to shutting down Line 5.

Elissa Slotkin continues to tell voters whatever she thinks they want to hear in an attempt to buy Michigan’s Eighth Congressional District. Voters are not buying what Elissa Slotkin and Nancy Pelosi are peddling and will reject their attempt to buy this congressional seat.


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