Bishop Starts 2018 with Large Cash on Hand Advantage

//Bishop Starts 2018 with Large Cash on Hand Advantage

Bishop Starts 2018 with Large Cash on Hand Advantage

DC Insider Slotkin Starts 2018 with Fundraiser with Michael Moore Co-Producer

Brighton, MI—The Mike Bishop for Congress campaign reported its 4th quarter filing starting 2018 with $971,000 cash on hand. Mike Bishop for Congress raised the most money of all Republican incumbent Congresspeople this quarter and starts the year with almost double the cash on hand they started 2016 with.

“Mike Bishop starts 2018 in a strong position with almost $1 million on hand. Supporters across the district recognize Mike Bishop help craft tax reform which will provide more money in people’s pockets and allow businesses to create jobs and invest in their workforce,” stated Stu Sandler.

Campaign consultant Stu Sandler also criticized Democrat opponent and DC insider Elissa Slotkin for starting the new year with a fundraiser with Rod Berilson, Michael Moore’s Co-Producer on “Where to Invade Next.” The movie Berlison and Moore produced laments America for not following the lead of socialist policies that have bankrupted other nations around the world.”

“It’s no surprise Elissa Slotkin wants DC to exert more authority over the people of Michigan given that DC is the only place she personally owns a home. Moore’s movie suggests socialist policies that only a liberal DC insider like Elissa Slotkin would support,” said Stu Sandler, Mike Bishop for Congress Consultant.

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