ICYMI: Melissa Gilbert’s Disastrous Week Recap

Livingston Daily, Free Beacon, Gongwer, Inside Michigan Politics, and Detroit News all call Gilbert out for Hiding from Media and Voters

Brighton, MI—In what could have been the worst week for the Melissa Gilbert for Congress campaign yet seemed to be a typical week of Gilbert avoiding the media and voters.  Melissa Gilbert had several publications write stories about Melissa Gilbert and her campaign avoiding the media and voters.   In what started with her blowing off the Greater Area Brighton Chamber of Commerce last Monday, led to news reports throughout the week criticizing Melissa Gilbert from running a campaign in hiding, and eventually led the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to leave the Gilbert campaign as one of 2 out of 24 campaigns to not be identified as their Red to Blue top-tier status.  Below are excerpts and links to each of the stories.

Livingston Daily:  Gilbert Says She is Running Campaign, GOP Says She is Hiding, 5/15/16:

“Republicans have made much of Gilbert’s turning down an invitation to the May 9  Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce luncheon.  The event would have provided a first side-by-side appearance with her rival, incumbent Rep. Mike Bishop, R-Rochester.  Bishop supporters claim Gilbert’s failure to appear shows the Democrat as an inexperienced, media-shy, candidate who has to be shielded from the public.”

“Chamber President Pamela McConeghy said the Brighton-area event was designed as a “meet and greet” featuring both candidates but fell apart when it was suggested Gilbert field questions from the audience.  “Apparently, they didn’t want to do that,” McConeghy said.”

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Washington Free Beacon: Democratic Actress for Congress Dubbed “Loser”, 5/13/16

“An actress running as a Democrat to represent Michigan in Congress is being labeled a “loser” for dodging local press and messily responding to her previous defense of a child rapist.”

“In the eight months since Gilbert announced her candidacy, she has made herself “scarce” in the state, local outletWILX-TV recently noted. During a speech on child abuse in April, Gilbert was unwilling to speak to local press and staffers escorted her from the podium immediately following the conclusion of her remarks.”

“Gilbert has also undergone scrutiny for sympathetic comments she made about Roman Polanski, who was convicted of drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl, during a 2009 appearance on The View.”

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Detroit News:  Political Insider: Bishop Slams Gilbert for Her Absence, 5/12/16

“Reporters have had limited opportunities to interview her, especially after Bishop’s campaign dug up comments Gilbert made on “The View” talk show in 2009 that attempts to sentence filmmaker Roman Polanski for the 1977 rape of a 13-year-old girl were “excessive.” Gilbert disavowed her Polanski comments, The Detroit News reported April 13.”

“Gilbert’s campaign did not directly address questions this week about why she did not participate in the Brighton Chamber event.”

To read the full story, go to: http://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/politics/2016/05/12/political-insider/84271074/

Inside Michigan Politics:  Winners and Losers, 5/12/16

Loser: Melissa Gilbert:  Gilbert hasn’t been quite so generous with her time to the little people of local media, however, and WILX-TV ran an entire story about her dodging them. Maybe that’s because Gilbert still hasn’t come up with a good answer to tax-dodging charges leveled by U.S. Rep. Mike Bishop (R-Rochester). She also was thoroughly unprepared last month to respond to her defense of child rapist Roman Polanski in an old talk show interview. Last week, Gilbert issued an official statement (which only revived the attack). It’s telling that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is doing a poll that doesn’t even mention her name. If they’re counting on Donald Trump dragging Bishop down enough for Gilbert to squeak through, they’ll want to rethink their strategy.


Gongwer:  A Curious Move By Melissa Gilbert, 5/10/16

“Melissa Gilbert, the likely Democratic nominee in the 8th U.S. House District, committed an unforced error Monday when she decided not to attend a candidate forum hosted by the Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce because she did not want to answer audience questions.”

“Coming after several months of agreeing to only a handful of interviews (her campaign has not granted one to Gongwer News Service despite multiple requests), this incident only fuels the perception Ms. Gilbert is uncomfortable subjecting herself to scrutiny.”

“The Gilbert campaign’s strategy was similarly restrained after the Bishop campaign fired off a dagger in April, bringing to light her comments years ago on “The View” defending director Roman Polanski, who fled the United States while awaiting sentencing on child sexual assault charges in 1978. The Gilbert campaign issued a written statement from Ms. Gilbert in which she said Mr. Polanski’s actions were inexcusable and “the format of that show got the best of me and I said something I didn’t mean and don’t believe. I am sorry.”

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