Bishop Files Petitions on Tax Day

Bishop Files Petitions and Pays Taxes; Gilbert Still Owes $470,000 in Unpaid Taxes to the IRS

Brighton, MI—The Mike Bishop for Congress campaign announced today that Mike Bishop filed his his petitions to run for Congress. Filing on Tax Day, the Mike Bishop for Congress campaign filed his petitions and paid his taxes.  On a week where the House is expected to consider a bill that penalizes IRS employees for being delinquent for not paying their taxes, Melissa Gilbert still owes a $470,000 tax bill to the IRS and the American people.

“Candidates have responsibilities and so does every American taxpayer. But Melissa Gilbert believes her Hollywood values make her above the law and different than every other taxpayer in the 8thdistrict.  Mike Bishop has filed his petitions on Tax Day and pays his taxes.  When will Melissa Gilbert pay her unpaid tax debt?” stated Stu Sandler, spokesperson for Mike Bishop for Congress.

The Mike Bishop for Congress campaign delivered his petitions to the Michigan Secretary of State to place him on the 2016 ballot.

This week, the House will be debating HR 1206, the No Hires for the Delinquent IRS Act, written by Rep. David Rouzer which verifies that current IRS employees pay their taxes and penalizes them if they are delinquent in paying their taxes.

“Even though the federal government has extended Tax Day to April 18, Melissa Gilbert refuses to pay $470,000 in taxes.  Congress is voting this week on a bill to discipline IRS employees who fail to pay their taxes.   At the same time, Gilbert brazenly refuses to pay her taxes fully yet wants to seek a government paycheck.  Voters in the 8th district pay their taxes, their Congressional candidates should do the same,” stated Stu Sandler, spokesperson fro Mike Bishop Campaign.

On campaign finance reports filed with the Federal Elections Commission on Friday, the Mike Bishop for Congress campaign also continued to have the cash advantage with Bishop having $721,692 compared to Gilbert’s $413,771.